Dojo Etiquette

The rules of our Dojo

Within the Dojo 


1. Always be respectful of others. Make guests and visitors feel welcome. Remember,  your example represents your instructors, your club, the organisation, and the  martial art. 

2. Never wear shoes on the mats. 

3. No food on the mats at any time. 

4. Foul language is not permitted inside the school. 

5. Mobile phones should be switched off or set to silent during class times. 

6. Don't train unless you are free of serious injury; neither sick nor infectious; and  never under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

7. Keep our facilities tidy. If you make a mess, clean it up. 




8. Keep fingernails and toenails short and tie your hair up.  

9. Remove all metal objects, jewellery, piercings and necklaces. 

10.Only use level appropriate techniques on your training partner (white belts and anyone sparring with a white belt must only use  IBJJF legal techniques). 

11.Don’t use dangerous techniques you don’t fully master as there is a  high risk of injury to you and/or your training partner.  

12.Assist the instructor in overseeing sparring to avoid accidents.  


Uniform & Hygiene 


13.Keep good personal hygiene and avoid any strong body odour or  perfumes. Don’t smoke before class. Bad hygiene/strong odour is a  sign of disrespect. 

14.Keep your uniform clean and in good repair at all times. A dirty  uniform is a sign of disrespect.


15.Rashguard/top should be worn under your Gi. 

16.Clean your feet before entering the mats. 

17.Wear your uniform or a shirt at all times whilst in the school. Get  changed in the allocated areas. 

18.Wear your belt at all times when training in the Gi. 


Attending Classes 


19.Aim to be changed and ready on the mat before the scheduled start time. The gym is  opened at least 15 minutes before class starts. 

20.If you arrive late, wait on the sideline for permission from the instructor before joining  the class. 

21.Bow towards the centre of the mat whenever you join or leave the mat. 

22.When stepping on the mat, make sure to greet and bow to the higher ranked belts  first and then the lower ranked belts. 

23.Black-belt instructors are to be addressed as “Professor”. Non-black belt instructors  are to be referred to as “Coach”. 

24.Classes begin and end with a formal bow to the Instructor. Students should  line up in ranks of descending grades. If you aren't in a Gi, or the ranks have  already formed, go to the back of the class. 

25.Keep it safe and friendly, adapt your intensity to your training partner’s  physical and technical abilities. Be aware that not everyone wants to roll  “hard” but learn new techniques and have a good time.  

26.Students should stand or sit attentively and with good posture whenever the  instructor is demonstrating techniques. 

27.Talking should be avoided and should relate to the subject of the lesson. 

28.If you need to leave the mat or finish class early, you must advise the  instructor. 

29.After class, take all of your belongings home with you. 

30.Always wear shoes or sandals off of the mats.